Let the dreams of the children and the wishes of the elders be fulfilled.

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Help us on our mission to build a better future for them.

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All the donations are Tax exempted as per terms under section Sec.80G of the Income-tax Act, 1961.

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Parivu Event

We Serve

About Parivu

We extend our kindness to serve the homeless, senior citizens, disabled persons, people below the poverty line, orphaned and abandoned children.

We Provide

  • Shelter for the homeless and food for the needy.
  • Promote health care for those who cannot afford it.
  • Education to as many orphans and destitute.
  • Services for the mentally and physically impaired.

We fight against

  • The evil faces of the caste system like untouchability, division of labor and slavery.
  • Religious violence and discrimination.
  • Female infanticide.
  • Human trafficking.
  • Child marriage and dowry system.

We Fight for

  • Human rights.
  • Child rights.
  • Women rights.
  • The basic necessity of food, water, shelter and education for everyone in India.

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